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Top of the line Search Engine Optimization

The default Magento themes don't do a very good SEO job. In fact it's pretty bad! Most premium themes that claim to be SEO friendly may have changed a thing or two here and there but it's still very far from Ultimento's in-depth Search Engine Optimization! Every single page has been analyzed and coded from scratch to make sure your store has everything it needs to appear on top of Search Engine!

  • Unique tagging strategy for all store pages (h1, h2, h3, h4) - Home, CMS pages, all catalog pages, etc...
  • Body of content on the home page - increases user retention by more than 15% and is an absolute must for SEO.
  • Dynamic footer tabs for added internal linking to your Magento store pages.
Ultimento is programmed using the latest techniques to improve your Search Engine Ranking and make your Magento site visible to the world.
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Magento Optimized Checkout extension

The Optimized Checkout module extends the Magento One Page Checkout and gets users through checkout quicker and with less confusion, increasing sales and reducing abandoned carts with a clearer, simpler checkout interface. Customers reporting reduced cart abandonment even up to a whooping 60%!
Here are some of the extension's benefits:

  • Extremely lightweight and non-obstrusive (unlike other Magento checkout extensions).
  • No - it does NOT combine Magento checkout steps into a single crowded page! Magento checkout extensions that do that claim to improve conversion rates when in fact they significantly reduce them for most industries.
  • All Magento checkout functionality and options are available.
Ultimento's Optimized Checkout extension is the single plugin that is a true must-have for any Magento store. It's so simple and yet so highly effective.
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Optimized for conversions

Ultimento is designed to increase user retention and boost your conversion rates. Every page layout and structure is based on the most up to date research and statistics to get optimum conversion and retention rates. In other words, you'll get more sales.

New! Ultimento 3.1 also includes the Newsletter Checkout Magento plugin!

Ultimento will transform your Magento store into a powerfull selling machine. Believe it.
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Lightning fast Magento theme

Ultimento is the fastest Magento eCommerce template out there! Unlike most other Magento templates and extensions, Ultimento's plugins are all custom coded and use Magento's built in libraries (rather than adding new libraries which slows down the site) and follow Magento's best programming practices.

Ultimento also includes industry leading speed optimization techniques such as:

  • Extensive CSS sprites (image combining technique to reduce http requests)
  • All CSS and JS files are combined and compressed
  • All images are compressed and optimized for load speed without compromising on quality
  • Clean code optimized for load speed
Ultimento is the fastest loading Magento theme on the planet.
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Compatible with Magento 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x!

Ultimento's Magento themes and Magento extensions are fully compatible with all Magento versions above 1.4. That means Magento 1.4,, 1.4.1,, 1.4.2, 1.5,, 1.5.1, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7 and

Ultimento is optimized to leverage the latest Magento release for optimum results in terms of features, speed, SEO, and conversions and thus we usually recommend running the latest stable version of Magento CE (which is right now). But we also have dedicated Ultimento versions specifically optimized for maximum performance on previous Magento releases. Oh and yes - it's all included for free of course.

Our free updates for life guarantee ensures that Ultimento will always remain compatible with the newest Magento version - and you'll never have to worry about upgrade incompatibility again.

Upgrade all you want and never worry about Magento compatibility again.
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Full cross browser and cross platform compatibility

Who has the time to test a site on the myriad of browsers that exist out there? We do. The smallest details matter to us because they matter for conversions. In fact they even matter for SEO. And we're obsessed with Magento conversions and SEO!

Ultimento's cross browser compatibiliy and cross platform compatibility is truly unique. No other Magento theme comes anywhere close because other Magento developers know you don't have the time and tools to check your store on all browsers.

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Magento Discussion extension

Our Magento Discussion extension allows customers to engage in questions, support queries, and other discussions about your product, and get answers directly from the store administrator - all right on the product page! Here are some of the extensions benefits:

  • Increase trust and conversions as users read through previous comments, questions, and answers.
  • Use to provide product support as well!
  • Drastically improve your store SEO with user generated content directly on the product pages.

And here's a quick feature list:

  • 2 min. installation instructions.
  • Extremely lightweight (optimized for speed).
  • Comments/replies listing directly on the product page.
  • Automatic pagination after a certain number of comments.
  • All comments go through admin moderation.
  • Automatic emails (both to the administrator and to the customer).
  • Option to show form only to logged in customers or to everyone.
The Magento Discussion extension is a must for any eCommerce serious about
SEO and conversions.
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Smooth Scroll Magento plugin

Ultimento has a very usefull feature built-in: a smooth scroll that can be used throughout your store to significantly enhance your site's usability!

  • "Read More" on the product page slides down to the product description.
  • The stars at the top of the product page slide down to the product reviews without opening a new page.
  • "Back to top" in the footer on all pages allows to easily go back to the top.
  • Clicking on a question on the FAQ page slides down to the answer.
  • And anywhere else you'd like to put it!
E-commerce sites lose sales because of poor User Interface. With better usability, the average site can increase sales by 79%.
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Flash and JavaScript sliders

Ultimento includes a beautiful slider on the home page - both Flash and JavaScript versions are included!

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Easy Product Reviews extension

Unlike Magento's default behavior, product reviews are located right on the product pages, increasing conversions by more than 20%!

A lightweight extension that will greatly enhance your eCommerce without affecting load speed.
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Social Bookmarking Magento widget

Get your visitors to promote your products on Twitter, Facebook, and via email with Ultimento's elegant and fast Social Bookmarking widget!

As usual we've designed the social bookmarking icons to achieve an optimum increase in conversion and user retention rates. The bookmarking and sharing options are also custom coded from scratch to keep everything fast!

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Language Flag Magento extension

Go global with your eCommerce store and multiply your revenues! Ultimento leverages Magento's muiltple languages functionality with a custom extension that displays small flag icons on the upper right corner of your store's header. Users can easily switch from one language to another and shop in their own language!

This feature works with all countries and you can display unlimited languages on your store.

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Fancy Magento store switcher

Want to run multiple sub-stores on your Ecommerce website? Ultimento's super fancy store switcher will automatically show up once you add your new store in the admin!

The fancy store switcher uses modern web technologies (CSS3) and we've also integrated nice alternatives that are automatically used on older browsers.

On the live demo, we use multiple stores to showcase Ultimento's color schemes (click on the switcher button to the right of the logo to see it in action).

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Multiple color schemes and versatile design

Ultimento has a versatile design that's great for any industry. And we've made it really easy to customize and change to fit your specific needs.

Ultimento comes out-of-the-box with 4 great color schemes - here are the demos:

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Pre-loaded with content

Ultimento comes fully loaded with all the content you see on the live demo! Making it easy for you to get the most out of your Magento theme! Home page sliders, images and texts you can reuse, a variety of CMS pages such as FAQ, About, Customer Support, and much more!

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High yield category landing page templates!

Category landing pages are a great tool to promote your catalog, run promotions, and provide quick access to specific sub categories and products that yield a good ROI.

Ultimento fully leverages Magento's native category landing page functionality and includes a variety of landing page templates you can use on your Magento store to boost sales and conversion rates, and get a panoply of SEO benefits.

For example take a quick look at 2 category landing page templates that were introduced in Ultimento 1.6.

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FREE updates for life!

We continuously improve Ultimento - adding new features, optimizing it even further, and making sure it remains at the top of the Ecommerce industry.

You get FREE updates for life! So when you get Ultimento today, you're investing in your store's future and making sure your Magento eCommerce remains at the top of the industry.

By choosing Ultimento today, you invest in your store's long term future and ensure that it'll remain at the very top of the Ecommerce industry.