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How do I install Ultimento?

You’re just 60 seconds away from having Ultimento installed! Let’s get to it.


First, let’s make sure you know about the requirements – all you need is the free Magento platform installed and an FTP access:

  1. Magento Free Community Edition version 1.4.x, 1.5.x, or 1.6.x (clean install).
    We recommend the latest stable release which you can download here. Please refer to Magento’s installation instructions on how to install Magento properly.
  2. FTP access to the root folder of your Magento installation.
    You can use any free FTP software.
  3. If you want sample data, please download this from Magento’s own site and follow the instructions here.


Never do anything directly on a live store. First setup and test on a development domain (i.e. “”).

Temporarily disable Magento cache

To avoid any possible issues with the installation we recommend disabling Magento cache before proceeding with the installation and re-enabling it once the install is complete (60 seconds later :) ).

  1. Log in to your Magento admin
  2. Access System > Cache Management
  3. Click on “Select All” and in the “Actions” drop down select “Disable”
  4. Click on “Submit” and once the page reloads log out of the admin
If you have the Magento compilation enabled, remember to disable it before proceeding.

Upload Ultimento files

Using your favorite FTP client, upload all files and folders inside the folder “ultimento” (which is inside the folder “ultimento-2.x.x”) to the root folder of your Magento installation. Just to be clear, that means that you’ll be uploading the following 3 folders and their content:

  1. app
  2. js
  3. skin

We recommend you do one folder at a time. This will merge the Ultimento files into your Magento installation. You will be asked to overwrite boxess.css which you have to do.

1-click installer

  1. In your Magento admin under CMS > Pages delete any “home” page you may have (or rename the identifier to something else).
  2. Go to Ultimento > Installer and select the Store View where you want to install Ultimento (this is relevant only if you have more than 1 store view)
  3. Click “Install Now” and wait until the page reloads and displays the confirmation message.
That’s it! You are good to go with Ultimento! All that’s left is validating your copy ;) – see below.

Validate your copy of Ultimento:

  1. In your Magento admin, click on Ultimento > Settings
  2. On the upper left corner, under “Current Configuration Scope” select your store view (lowest scope level)
  3. Under “Ultimento serial” un-check the “use website” check-box and enter your unique serial code that was sent to your email and click on “Save Config”
To avoid any potential problems save your serial under the “Default Config” scope as well.


If you are experiencing a problem or get an error message in the Magento admin, that means you didn’t carefully follow the installation instructions ;) . You may have missed a step or overlooked something – go through this checklist to double check:

It could be the cache…

  1. Make sure you have the Magento compilation disabled under “System > Tools > Compilation”
  2. Refresh all Magento cache and re-index all data (it may not be enough to have the cache disabled)
  3. Log out of the admin and log  back in

It could be an issue with the serial number…

  1. Double check that your Ultimento serial is correct for your Base URL
  2. Make sure you saved your serial number under the correct store view scope.
If you have any questions regarding Ultimento Installation don’t hesitate to submit a ticket through your account center!

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  1. Jason Nguyen says:

    I purchased your product and entered in the serial that was emailed to me and this is the message that I receive: Please enter a valid serial for Ultimento in your administration panel. If you don’t have one, please purchase a valid license from

  2. I’ve just tried to install Ultimento and I get this error when I enter the serial number:

    “An error occurred while saving this configuration: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘tactical_iZuuuma.izuu_theme_design’ doesn’t exist”

    The installer ran fine without errors.

  3. I need make some urgent changes to our site and need to uninstall Ultimento until I get these other things sorted. I haven’t been able to find any instructions on removing Ultimento and I’ve tried the Uninstall action off the Ultimento Installation Management tab. This seems to give me mixed messages, first saying that there doesn’t seem to be Ultimento installed and then telling that it is successfully installed. However, in the themes for Default Config (System/Config/General/Design) Ultimento keeps reappearing after logout/login. Ihave successfully counteracted this with site/store view specific settings but clearly Ultimento is not uninstalled.

    Am I missing something? Your assistance appreciated.


    • noam says:

      The uninstall feature will NOT delete any of Ultimento’s files or CMS pages. That way you can easily “reinstall” it without losing any of the changes/customization that you may have made to your store. In that sense there is no “complete un-installation” of Ultimento but why would you need that? What you could do is manually delete all of Ultimento’s files, CMS pages, and change the Magento configuration for your store view under System>Design>Theme.

      Regarding the mixed messages – you’re right there is a glitch in the uninstall feature and we will fix it asap. Thanks for pointing that out! The fix will be included in the next version of Ultimento (1.2) which is coming real soon.


  4. Brokkel says:

    Hey there, today I’ve bought your product!! Finally ;-) and it just looks great! And easy to setup.

    I am currently installing it and also received the notification that the serial isn’t correct. Which is correct as I am installing in a dev environment which info wasn’t provided during payment.
    I logged into the admin section and added my second site (plus package), like:; (also tried other options).

    I don’t know if this is the correct setup. But it didn’t work for me. Can you adjust it?

  5. Brokkel says:

    Yes. It works!

  6. David Fox says:

    I just purchased Ultimento, but my serial number does not work. Upon futher investigation, I found that I do not have the www. before the url names, which I used when registering. How do I change my license info to reflect this?

  7. Diane says:

    I have just installed Ultimento successfully however when I enter the serial number I get the error:

    “Atention! We have detected that your system does not have a correct Ultimento serial code. Ultimento Theme was disable.”

    I am not sure if this is related but when checking the frontend of the website certain things have changed such as ‘powered by ultimento’ is shown at the bottom of the page and some fonts have changed to the green theme. I already have the modern theme activated in Magento – do I need to de-activate this or should it just be over-written?

    Many thanks,


  8. chris says:

    Attempting to save the config (having installed using 1click install), get the following error:

    It looks like Ultimento’s serial is not correct for ‘default’. Fix it to enable Ultimento on ‘default’.

    I see the above wiki article, but not sure what I am supposed to do.
    As a trial, was able to install 1.2 Ultimento without any problem, but a new install of magento 1.5, and 1.3 ultimento – get this error. What next?

  9. Austin says:

    ok so I found my login info. My problem now may sound dumb but here we go.
    I uploaded the zip folder from ultimento via ftp to my root folder public_html/dev

    now it says in the 1 click instructions to just 1. Log in your Magento admin and access Ultimento > Installer
    2. Select the store where you want to install Ultimento (this is relevant only if you have more than 1 store view)
    3. Click “Install Now” and wait until the page reloads and displays the confirmation message.

    I simply can not find that in my admin page.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated . thank you

    • noam says:

      Hi Austin,

      You’re not supposed to upload the zip folder but rather unzip the file and only upload the content of the “ultimento” folder to your Magento root ;) . See the faq:

      Have a good weekend!

    • Edward says:

      Am in exactly the same position – did everything exactly as required – i.e. the content of the ultimento folder to root, refreshed cache and still no sign of the installer – what am I doing wrong?

    • noam says:

      You need to upload the content of the “ultimento” folder inside the root folder of your Magento installation (which is not necessarily your server root). See the first FAQ here: – it’s clearly explained.

      Again, it’s very simple – using any FTP program just upload the “app”, “js”, and “skin” folders (that are inside the “ultimento” folder which you downloaded), inside your Magento root folder.

  10. Austin says:

    thank you for your help. Anyway I uploaded the content of the ultimento folder to my magento root. when i go to the site it just comes up index of /dev/ parent directory then under that app, js, skin. I try to log in and i get 404 Not Found.

    thank you for your help

    • noam says:

      Hi Austin – honestly I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. What does this mean: “it just comes up index of /dev/ parent directory then under app, js, skin”? Where are you trying to login that returns a 404? All you have to do is upload the files and login to your Magento admin as usual. Just follow the installation instructions – nothing else. It should take less than 60 seconds.

      What’s the URL where you have Magento installed?

  11. Kathy says:

    I have uploaded the unzipped folders found inside the Ultimento folder, not the source code folders. The folders that we uploaded to the Mangento root director were: ‘app’, ‘js’, and ‘skin’ .

    But, number 1: When I open the home page, there are no products and no logo. Also, this morning I have a message that says: It looks like Ultimento isn’t properly setup at “default”! Make sure all the files are uploaded and make sure your serial is correct for this storeview.

    I have added in the serial number at least twice, but it doesn’t stay.

    Can you help me?

    • noam says:

      Sure I can help! Please open a ticket via your account center and include your Magento admin info as well as FTP access to your installation and we’ll take a look ;) .


  12. Austin says:


    I don’t remember which domain name my serial is registered for. I was wondering if it could be registered for, and (I did enable redirection to base URL).


    • noam says:

      Hi Austin,

      Your current license is valid for “” and “”.

      So for “” make sure that your Magento base URL is set exacltly to “” (without the quotes).

      Here’s where you can manage your base URL in your Magento admin: “System > Configuration > Web > Unsecure > Base URL”.


  13. Austin says:

    hello so i have installed already the ultimento theme.

    how do i change the theme to the “ultimento white”

    Also if you see what happened to my logo its split in half and it looks really distorted and low quality. What is the best way to get that up there , also I want to make it when you click on my logo it takes you to the home page from whatever page you were orignally on

    Thank You,
    check out the updates on my development site @

    • noam says:

      Hi Austin,

      You can switch to Ultimento White with the color switcher in the admin:

      Magento Admin > Ultimento > Settings > Ultimento Color Scheme (make sure to select the correct store view scope first using the Magento drop down in the top left corner).

      Regarding your question about the logo – you already posted it on the article on how to replace Ultimento’s logo and I had responded there. Please don’t post the same question several times on different pages on this wiki. It just delays my response time and affects our efforts to provide truly awesome support. When you post your question more than once, it only takes us longer to get back to you. Same goes for support tickets. Too many duplicate questions on the wiki pages also create a mess in the documentation which then affects not only you but the other users as well. Thank you for understanding!


  14. Austin says:

    So I went into the Magento Admin > ultimento > settings > ultimento color scheme . I selected white and the store is still set to the default. Is there is any other way to make sure the site changes to a white theme.

    thank you,

    • noam says:

      Hmmm that’s weird. The admin scheme switcher should definitely work right away. Did you make sure to refresh all Magento cache?

      If it’s still not working please open a ticket via your account center and include your Magento admin info as well as FTP and we’ll take a look.


  15. Chad says:


    I am getting ready to install Magento on my dev site but only the live site is listed on the invoice. Can you add as a dev site?

    Also, when you say to upload the contents of the ultimento directory (app/js/skin) to root do you mean that we should overwrite the files that were apart of the initial Magento installation? This is on a fresh install with sample data.


    (P.S. The email listed above is different from the login as I am doing this for a client and would like the notificati. I hope you will still be able to see the right account from my login credentials.)

    • Chad says:

      Hi, I meant to delete the PS but since I left it in, this post has the reply email. Thanks again.

    • noam says:

      Hi Chad,

      Just upload all the files using any FTP program and yes you should overwrite files when prompted.

      I added your dev URL to your license – let me know if you need anything else!

      Thanks and have a great weekend,

    • Chad says:


      I followed the instructions exactly by installing a fresh copy of Magento, importing the sample data to the db, going through the setup process (including setting all permissions correctly), Magento was working fine. Then I disabled the cache as instructed, uploaded the Ultimento files. I overwrote all three directories (app, js, skin) even though there were many files in these directories that were not reflected in the Ultimento upload. Then I tried to login in to the admin side as instructed but I get an error when I do so:
      Cannot Load Address
      too many HTTP redirects

      I am able to get Magento working fine with the sample data but as soon as I upload the Ultimento files I can no longer log in. I have now done the intall process twice and both times have received the same error.

      Is there a problem installing Ultimento with the Magento sample data?

      Should I really overwrite those directories, or should the Ultimento files be added/merged with the files already there?
      For example, in app/etc/modules, the default install has 15 files but the ultimento/app/etc/modules folder has only 3 files and none of them have the same names as the default 15. Do I not need those 15 default files?

      Some other problem?


    • noam says:

      Hi Chad – this is the very first time someone is doing this ;) . Definitely do NOT overwrite any folders!! Just upload the files via any FTP program like it says in the installation instructions – that will automatically merge the Ultimento files with your Magento installation.


    • Chad says:

      hi noam,

      thanks for all your help, it’s my first time installing mangento so it is much appreciated. i merged back in the magento files and was able to login and add the serial number. Is there something else I need to do? i see the ultimento content and slideshow on the homepage but the theme still looks like he default one.

    • noam says:

      Hi Chad – no there’s nothing else you need to do and everything should work right away but please open a support ticket via your account center and include your FTP info as well as Magento admin access and I’ll take a look at your Magento installation for you ;) .


    • Sungjin says:

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  16. Ron Polak says:


    My dev URL is How do I go about enabling it for use with the serial number you sent?

    • noam says:

      Hi Ron,

      Whatever URL you use as the Base URL for your Magento store needs to be licensed for Ultimento ;) . So if that’s “” please open a ticket via your account center and request that we add the URL to your license.

      On a side note, we don’t recommend working locally with Magento for a lot of reasons. Magento doesn’t play well locally and you’ll also end up spending a lot of time when you migrate to a live environment. It’s much better to run a development site that is live in parallel to the actual store.


  17. Ryan says:

    I get the following: It looks like Ultimento’s serial is not correct for ‘admin’. Fix it to enable Ultimento on ‘admin’.
    I believe the base URL is set up correctly. Do I need added to my license for it to work, as we are testing on our dev site? Thanks! Ryan

    • noam says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I added your dev URL to your Ultimento license. Just login to your admin and it should work right away ;) .


  18. James says:

    For now we are building our site under the following ip address:

    Once it is complete we will point to it.

    • noam says:

      Hi James,

      Sometimes Magento doesn’t play well with this type of configuration but as far as Ultimento is concerned all you have to do is make sure is that the base URL you are using in your Magento installation is licensed for Ultimento. The base URL is set under “System > Configuration > Web > Unsecure > Base URL”.


    • James says:

      The problem isn’t with magento and I do have as the setting for System > Configuration > Web > Unsecure > Base URL. I am guessing that you need to add that IP address on your end. It would be nice if we could have access to changing the domains.

    • noam says:

      Hi James,

      I added the IP you requested to your license. Just re-save the serial over and it will work ;) .


  19. James says:

    I get:

    404 Error

    Page not found.

    On the settings page

    • noam says:

      Hi James,

      Are you talking about Ultimento’s settings page? If so did you make sure to follow the installation instructions carefully? Including refreshing all Magento cache, logging out of the admin and logging back in?

      Also which version of Magento CEare you using?

      Let me know and we’ll sort out your issue quickly ;) .


  20. todd says:

    I paid the fees for Ultimento and then went to download page which was sent to me via email, …NOTHING is there? What gives? I can log in, see my order, and nothing is on the downloadable files page?
    I thought this would be easy to do, but now I am concerned a bit. Please help.


  21. david says:

    Hi there

    Where do I find the 1 click ultimento installer from within the magento admin userface? I have followed instructions, disabled cache etc. Thanks in advance.

  22. achilles says:

    Hi Noam,

    Can I use Ultimento with version rc1??


    • noam says:

      Hi Achilles – it shouldn’t be a problem but I definitely don’t recommend using a non-stable version of Magento. Especially given that the actual 1.5.1 release may differ A LOT from the release candidate. It’s just a waste of time.


  23. achilles says:

    Hi Noam,
    I went into the Magento Admin > ultimento > settings > ultimento color scheme . I selected white and the store is still set to the default. Is there is any other way to make sure the site changes to a white theme.

    thank you,

    • noam says:

      Hi Achilles,

      Yes there is another way ;) . Follow these steps:

      1. Login to your Magento admin and navigate to “System > Configuration”
      2. On the upper left corner, switch the scope to your store view (lowest scope level)
      3. Then go to “Design > Theme> and put “ultimentowhite” or “ultimentoblue” (without the quotes) instead of “ultimento” under “Templates” and “Skin (Images / CSS)” – and ONLY in these fields. Leave the other fields untouched.
      4. Save the Magento config and refresh cache if necessary.

      That’s it!

  24. Marcus says:


    Using Magento ver. I cannot get the installer page to appear. I always receive the error 404 Error Page not found. When clicking on System – Configuration – General – Ultimento

    I have tried disabling rewrites and fooman speedster. The webserver is also Nginx 1.0.0.

    I REALLY want this to work, however I need help please.

    • Marcus says:

      Forgot to say server is also running APC & memcache (not sure if it matters).

      I followed the installation instructions to the letter but cannot get it to work.

      I know is only an RC but I need to use this.

    • noam says:

      Hi Marcus – Ultimento will definitely work on Magento version Based on what you mentioned it sounds like a cache issue – make sure to fully refresh your Magento cache and then logout of the admin and log back in.

      Let me know if that doesn’t fix your issue.

    • Marcus says:

      I’m looking into this some more, as I’m also getting the same problem with another 3rd party extension/menu link which has previously worked on another Magento setup.

      The difference is this setup is running Nginx 1.0.0, PHP 5.3. APC Cache, Memcache, Fooman Speedster, tmpfs on var/session var/cache.

      I’m aiming to get under 1 sec page load times with 200,000 SKU’s !


  25. Michael says:

    Hi – we tried this on 1.5 CE, and it was a little disappointing.

    There is next to no information on removing this, however I did follow the instructions and comments under Noam’s post earlier.

    I cannot restore our home CMS page, and the Ultimento link still appears at the bottom of our site.

    Can you please give specific instructions on how to get us back to our original theme?

    I have sent an email to your support with the link to our site.


    • noam says:

      Hi Michael – you can un-install Ultimento with a single click with the 1-click uninstall feature located under “Ultimento > 1-Click Installer”. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

      Regarding your home page – it has not been overwritten by Ultimento’s installer. The installer sets a new home page with the content from the demo so that when you install Ultimento you get exactly what you saw on the demo before you placed your order. And your previous home page is simply put as “disabled” but it’s still there in the admin under “CMS > Manage Pages” so that you can restore it if you’d like.

      You said you sent a support request with a link to your site but I never got it – where did you send it? You can open a new ticket via your account center if you’d like to send us private information.



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