Frequently asked questions

We’re continuously adding more articles, tutorials, tips, and guidelines to Ultimento’s documentation – and now we’ve added this FAQ section where we’ll post the questions that come back the most often and only require a short answer.

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FAQ's List

  • I uploaded Ultimento but I'm not seeing the installer - what's wrong?
    • You need to upload all the files and folders that are inside the 'ultimento' top folder into your Magento root. That means the following folders: 'app', 'js', and 'skin'. You can use any FTP client to upload the files.

      Also remember to refresh ALL Magento cache via "System > Cache Management" and to logout and log back in the Magento admin afterward.

  • Why do I get an error?
    • If you're getting an error that says that your Ultimento serial is not valid but still you are certain that you put the serial correctly in your Magento admin, most likely your Magento Base URL doesn't match exactly the URL that you have licensed for Ultimento.

      Note that "" and "" are different URLs. Same for "" and "".

      So make sure that your Magento Base URL at "System > Configuration > Web > Unsecure URL > Base URL" is exactly the same URL you have licensed for Ultimento. If it's not, open a new ticket via your account center and we'll update your license with the correct URL.

  • I purchased Ultimento Plus, how do I remove the Ultimento link in the footer?
    • You can easily edit the notice in the footer via your Magento admin and put your own copyright there. Just login to your admin and navigate to “System > configuration > Design > Footer > Copyright”. Just make sure you’re editing the configuration under the proper store view scope which you need to select in the “Current Configuration Scope” drop down in your Magento admin.

  • How can I update my store without overwriting my custom changes?
  • How do I customize multiple instances of Ultimento on a single Magento installation?
    • For each store create dedicated folders under app and skin. Then navigate to System > Configuration > Design > Theme and for each Store View change the values for "Templates", "Skin (Images / CSS)", and "Layout" to the appropriate folder name. (Keep "Ultimento" in the "Default" field.)

      For each store copy the Ultimento skin files over to the new skin folder and start customizing from there. For layout and template files, only copy the files you want to customize.

      Also make sure to save your serial under the General Configuration scope and under each Store View scope where Ultimento is installed ;).

  • How do I edit the links in the bottom footer?
    • Editing the Footer Tabs is easy. As for the bottom footer, most of the stuff there can be managed directly from the Magento admin. For example you can turn on or off the “Sitemap”, “Search Terms”, “Contact Us” or “RSS” links. You can also manage the copyright notice directly from the Magento backend under “System > Configuration > Design > Footer > Copyright”.

      The template file that controls the links in the bottom footer in Magento is located here (Ultimento doesn’t change this file):


      The Ultimento template file for the entire footer is located here:


      And the newsletter subscription field is controlled by this Ultimento template file:


  • Can I add product names to the product listing?
    • Yes definitely! You can enable or disable displaying product names on the grid view directly from your Magento admin. Product names are also displayed by default on the Popup Preview images when you mouse hover the product thumbnail (more info on that in the Increased User Retention paragraph on the article on how to add Popup Preview images) but you can also display them under the product thumbnails in the catalog grid view. All you have to do is enable them in the Magento admin under Ultimento’s settings.