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4 Million and Counting!

February 2, 2012

MagentoMagento just announced that they’ve passed 4 million downloads of their open source e-commerce platform. It’s an impressive number, so impressive in fact that eBay actually bought Magento last Summer. With the innovation and technical expertise of both companies you can expect the rapid growth of Magento to continue.

Started back in 2007, Magento has been a pioneer in developing solutions for e-commerce that are open and free to everyone. The popularity of the platform is evident in both the adoption rate by store builders and explosion of developers who work customizing and building extensions for Magento.

Commative choose Magento as its platform of choice for these very reasons. We’ve always been fans of the flexibility of Magento and we feel its the best platform out there for anyone who wants to launch an e-commerce site.

So congratulations to Magento, its users, its developers and to quality sites everywhere.

The Commative Team

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